National Youth Council of Nigeria

Our Team/Management



There will be an executives committee whose term of office shall be a SINGLE three-year tenure that shall be replaced through the executive committee’s nominations and NYCN, Europe’s election depending on whether the committee members’ ‘active youth’ (as defined in 5[I]) will still be valid and active during their term in office; In case there is any stalemate, the Governor shall the final say.


No executive member can serve more than a maximum of two terms


No office is conferred with any absolute power, every office is only to identify the roles and can be ratified by the executive committee’s voting, where the majority will have their way and the minority will have their say;


The officers of the executive committee shall be:


The executive committee shall meet as and at when deemed necessary


To be considered/eligible for the position or run the office of the Governor, you shall not be a new member or non-active member (where a non-active member means a member who has not been attending the meeting and activities of the council.


The office of the governor shall be rotated in terms of the countries in Europe and the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria; and the appointment of the executive offices shall reflect these two diversities


No two persons of the same gender shall occupy the position of a main office and its assistance at a time (e.g. Governor and Deputy Governor); and no person shall occupy the same office twice, as said in 7(A).


At least FIVE (5) executive committee members must be present for an executive committee meeting to take place, as all the Ambassadors are members of the committee as stated in 7(D)


Voting at executive committee meetings shall be by show of hands on a majority basis. If there is a tied vote then the Governor shall have a second vote.


The executive committee shall have the authority to set up sub-committees and working groups as may be deemed necessary among themselves and or other members of the association

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